i don’t appreciate

unwanted company

your constant chatter reminds me

why i’d rather you leave me be

so call me anti-social

call it masturbation

either way it’s a solo operation

i’m just far more comfortable alone

- Days N Daze - Misanthopic Drunken Loser

me self personal days n daze misanthropic drunken loser



All the happiness that you have destroyed
All the brutal tactics that you always employ
All the fucking bullshit when will it ever stop
The comparison is obvious: you’re just a fucking cop
Officer - you act like an animal, you’re out of control
Officer - what the hell is wrong with you


Why don’t you fucking stop?


I’ve always been so consumed with playing music, and I love that, but I can’t help but feel this need to explore different mediums of art more because I don’t want to limit myself in any capacity. I really wanna give photography a good solid try, because capturing a moment in time seems so incredible to me. I know that’s something I could REALLY get into.